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Q1 What is MIH Consortium? What does MIH stand for?

MIH Consortium is creating an open EV ecosystem that promotes collaboration in the mobility industry. We realize key technologies, develop reference designs and standards, while we bridge the gap between members in the ecosystem resulting in a lower barrier to entry, accelerated innovation, and shorter development cycles. Our goal is to bring the strategic partners together to build the next generation of EV, autonomous driving, and mobility service applications. Through this transformation of the automotive industry and smart mobility space, we help maintain a sustainable future. MIH stands for Mobility in Harmony, which encapsulates our vision.

Q2 How does MIH Consortium work?

The MIH Consortium (the Consortium) operates the MIH Open EV Alliance (the Alliance) to promote collaboration in the mobility industry to achieve its mission. The Alliance comprises of MIH members who will participate in Advisory and Technical Committee as well as Working and Interest groups. The Consortium and its Alliance members will create an open EV platform together, through the realization of reference designs and standardization of EV technologies. For more details, please check the About Us page.

Q3 What are the different tiers of membership and the benefits of becoming a MIH Alliance member?

Please click here to find more information regarding the benefits of our membership, or contact the MIH office directly for more information.

Q4 How do I join the MIH Open EV Alliance and become a member?

Please complete our online application form by providing the basic information and your consent to the membership agreement to become a Community Member. You can also indicate your interest in becoming a Contributor Member in the same form.

Q5 What happens after filling out the MIH Application?

After submitting the application, please wait for a confirmation email and confirm your status as a Community Member of the MIH Open EV Alliance. For Contributor Members, please follow the donation instructions we provide to you via email to finalize the application process.

For more details about how the MIH Open EV Alliance works, please check the About Us page.

Q6 What is a Working or Interest Group? How do I participate?

A Working Group or an Interest Group consists of members (usually of 5 to 15) and a chair that is appointed by the Technical Committee. Working Groups typically produce deliverables (e.g., technical recommendations, specifications, reference designs, sample codes…etc) and is reserved for MIH Contributor Members. As for the Interest Group, the primary goal is to bring together people who share the same vision to evaluate potential EV technologies or concepts, it is a forum for exchanging ideas and insights. For more information please click here.

Q7 What is Technical or Advisory Committee? How do I be a part of it?

Technical Committee’s mission is to steward the evolution of EV technologies via the Working and Interest Groups. Technical Committee focuses on technical issues about EV technologies while the administrative, process, or organizational policy issues of the Alliance are taken care by the Advisory Committee and MIH Office. The Advisory Committee provides strategic guidance to MIH Office. Both committee teams consist of 5 to 15 members. There will be one Head per Committee appointed by MIH Office, two or more committee members appointed by Head of their respective committee, and two or more committee members elected by other Contributor Members. For more information, please check the About Us page.

Q8 Where can I find the members’ list?

Please refer to the Member’s Directory on our website (to be updated by the end of August 2021) and note that MIH will not reveal any personal contact information of its members.

Q9 Does MIH own any products?

MIH realizes key technologies by developing reference designs and standards via its Working Groups formed with its members, and thus MIH is about providing the platform and support for collaboration between organizations and driving the EV industry forward by setting the architecture requirements, standards, and reference designs for all major software-defined features of an EV such as ADAS, cybersecurity, cloud connectivity, BMS, IVI, and more. The open platform allows an open but secure marketplace to be built on and operated to support developers, ODMs/OEMs, and brands.