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Autonomy Working Group Charter


The mission of the Autonomy Working Group (AD WG) is to develop autonomous driving (AD) and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)  requirements and specifications for the MIH EVKit platforms.

Start date 4 Nov. 2021
Charter extension N/A
Chair Christian John (Tier IV)
MIH Contacts Tony Chen (MIH)
Meeting Schedule Teleconference: bi-weekly


The scope of the AD WG is:

Leverage AWF Open AD Kit specifications and reference implementations to define AD technology agnostic.

  • Roadmap, features, and requirements for commercial implementations of MIH EVKit
  • Development and validation requirements (e.g. auto-grade, safety) of MIH EVKit
  • Engage ecosystem to develop reference implementations of MIH EVKit with path to commercialization and production availability



  • Bi-weekly meetings on Wed 7pm PST/Thurs 10am TWT
    • Sub-teams may schedule ad hoc meetings as required to address work items
    • Time commitment outside WG depends on work items and contributions
  • AD WG Minutes/Documents
    • Accessible only by Contributing Members participating in the AD WG (pending formation of Interest Group)
    • Need to request access via a gmail account
  • Meetings will be conducted using Microsoft Teams
    • Invites should be managed by Chair/Co-chair
    • Join with Name/Company info presented in English




  • DbW API
    • Acceleration/De-Acceleration
    • Steering angle
    • Car state
    • Others
  • Sensor API
    • Camera
    • Radar
    • Lidar
    • GNSS
    • IMU
    • Sonar
    • Others

Reference Design: (Depends on participants’ resources)

  • L2/L2+
    • ACC:Adaptive Cruise Control
    • AEB:Autonomous Emergency Braking
    • APS:Automatic Parking System
    • DMS:Driver Monitoring System
    • Others
  • L3/L4/L5
    • Fusion based perception
    • Fusion based localization
    • HD based navigation
    • Fleet Management
    • Various Operational Design Domains(ODDs), like Autonomous Valet Parking, Cargo Delivery, Urban Pilot, RoboTaxi


Other Deliverables

Other non-normative documents may be created like, use case and requirements documents, implementation reports, and Best Practices documents, to support developers.



APIs: Half-year release support below functionalities: