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Powertrain, Motor, VCU & Transmission Working Group Charter

The mission of Powertrain, Motor, VCU & Transmission Working Group is to

  • Produce deliverable technical recommendations, specifications, reference designs and sample codes etc. of powertrain, motor, VCU, MCU and transmission for selected EV market segment
  • Work with cross function responsibilities to develop low GHG products and components through smart control, high power density, new process, new material etc. design
  • Work with cross function responsibilities to introduce or develop patent of EV powertrain, motor, VCU, MCU and transmission
Start dateOct 23. 2021
Charter extensionN/A
ChairColin Huang (AAM)
MIH ContactsIru Huang(MIH)
Meeting ScheduleTeleconference: bi-monthly


The scope of the Powertrain, Motor, VCU & Transmission Working Group is:

  • EDU with 2 speed or 3 speed gear box
    • Two key value for EV Consumers are 0-100 Kmh acceleration and battery range
    • EV models in the market at this moment are using one speed EDU, therefore in order to satisfy consumers now a day, you’ll have to increase motor power, which will also increase cost and weight, therefore will also need bigger battery capacity.
      • 1-2% of operation time need Max. power
      • Only need 1/3 of power for max. speed driving ?
      • Advantage to apply multi speed gear box
        • Satisfy 0-100 Kmh acceleration expectation with smaller motor, power supply
        • Reduce weight and cost of motor and MCU
        • Lower energy consumption thus extend vehicle mileage with same battery package
  • Autonomous Driving & Powertrain & EEA reference design & testing/certification
    • Identify EEA reference system and define communication standard
    • confirm standard and module design specification
    • Develop testing procedure and certification standard


  • Meetings can be conducted online or presence(e.g. TEAMS)
    • Meetings are expected to occur bi-monthly for 1 hour
    • Meeting times will be determined based on WG participants time zones


  • Entire EDU (control + motor + gear box) by vehicle segment
    • Assembly interface with vehicle
    • I/O with vehicle VCU
    • Control I/O with motor and gear box
    • Gear box output to wheel end interface